Reduce Screen Time This Summer by Filling Their Dance Card

May 25th, 2022 tapioschool

As a parent, there are few things worse than watching your child be more immersed in their mobile device than the world around them! As we look forward to the daily grind of school being over, there is the dreaded feeling that we have to find activities or risk feeling guilt-ridden by their lack of things to do. Why not cover your bases and have a blissful summer by signing them up at one of the best dance schools in Mount Pleasant? We offer summer classes! These are just four reasons to be proactive.

Keep Them Active

Summertime is when school is in recess and they should be, too. Don’t let their physical activity go by the wayside for the long summer months ahead, though. Sign them up for dance or gymnastics and keep both their bodies and brains active. Sure, Roblox is fun, but there is no substitute for good old-fashioned movement and creativity that doesn’t revolve around an iPad, computer, or cell phone. Get them moving in real life!

Find Time for Yourself

If you are like most parents, it can sometimes feel as if you are “the cruise director.” You have your own stuff to do this summer, and your children shouldn’t become your full-time job. It is okay to let someone else take over the entertainment for a day or two.

It’s Affordable

Camps and classes have become so expensive that sometimes it makes more sense to take off work and not get paid to entertain your kids instead of paying someone else to. Our classes and camps are all priced at family-friendly levels to help you, not put another monetary burden on your plate. We understand that raising a family is difficult enough; spending the money on extras can be overwhelming!

Teach Them New Skills

Not only do we keep them active; we teach them new skills that will translate into the next school year. Sure, it is about dance and gymnastics skills, but there are general educational skills, too: time management, self-esteem building, socialization, and things like balance and coordination that will transcend their time with us. We make it so fun, they don’t even know that they’re learning!

As we quickly head into summer, now is the time to be proactive about finding things to keep your kids occupied for the months ahead. There is nothing worse than the guilt of realizing that you have very little time to entertain and too much on your plate, and dance schools in Mount Pleasant are full with no spaces. Make sure to check out all the programs and camps that we offer at Tapio School of Dance today!