Looking Ahead to Stave off Summer Boredom? Ballet is the Answer!

March 24th, 2022 tapioschool

Summertime is awesome. Having the kids out of school, no schedule, no place to be. Wait, no schedule, no place to be? That can sometimes lead to boredom! As a parent, you have to get things done, but it can be frustrating to know that they just want screen time when the sun is shining and it is beautiful outside! This summer, be proactive by lining up things to keep them active – like ballet classes in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Whether they are veterans or newbies, choose a summer camp that focuses on dance or just let them play around – either way, they won’t be home with nothing to do!

Dance Class Instruction

If you have a youngster who is looking to blow off steam, either during the school year or this summer, get them involved in dance! At Tapio School of Dance, we have instructional classes that cover everything from tap to jazz to keep your little one moving. Whether they have been in dance classes before or this is their first time, finding the right type of dance to strike their fancy is totally doable.

We offer a positive environment full of encouragement and practical instruction. And we take girls and boys of all ages. Once they get the hang of dance, they can join our competitive dance team! Competitive dance is for ages four and up. That way, you can get them comfortable with the stress of competition early on so they will master it when they get older!

We offer instructional classes Monday through Thursday in the afternoons and Wednesdays in the morning for the little ones. That way, they can get their exercise and be home in time for a nap. Our 2-4-year-olds can choose to learn tap, ballet, and tumbling, or if gymnastics is their thing, they can do a basic gymnastics class.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps are designed with a little bit of everything to keep them both entertained and engaged. These are weekly camps that you can come to all week or you can just choose a couple of days – whatever fits your schedule. Our dance camp teaches the basic principles of ballet, lyrical dance, tap, and jazz, and ends with a show to show off all that they have learned. It is for both boys and girls!

Gymnastics Camp

The summer gymnastics camp is where children are exposed to tumbling, the balance beam, vault, uneven bars, and rings. It also ends with a Friday night show and is excellent for both girls and boys.

Preschool Tip Toes, Tap, and Tumble

For those who are just starting out with basic skills, an introductory class for preschool ages is a great first step. They will learn basic techniques in a relaxed environment that includes playtime for performing both gymnastics and dance. It is for ages 2-4, and both boys and girls.

Super Summer Day Camp

Because we understand that children like to be out doing things all day, we have designed a Super Summer day camp that is filled with fun things to do for boys and girls. The camp keeps your child entertained from 7 am to 6 pm and includes daily field trips, swimming, arts and crafts, organized games, and free-gym playtime. It is an excellent alternative for kids who want to be outdoors.

If you are getting anxious that the summer is almost here and you don’t have anything planned to keep your little ones active, sign them up at Tapio School of Dance today. We love dance, but we also love keeping kids active and entertained in as many ways as possible. Check out our programs today!

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