Don’t Just Google “Ballet Classes Near Me” – These Are the Reasons We’re the Clear Choice

September 25th, 2022 tapioschool

As the kids head back to school, parents are scrambling to find extracurricular activities to keep them active. After a long day of sitting, kids need some exercise to keep in shape and an outlet to let out all that pent-up energy! Ballet is a discipline that teaches children a variety of higher-learning skills, but not all studios are the same. Don’t just Google “ballet classes near me” and choose at will. These are reasons that Tapio School of Dance is the clear choice!

Skill Level

Anyone can label themselves a ballet teacher and instruct children, but that doesn’t mean that every teacher is skilled or has the right training to be the best guide. At Tapio, all of our teachers are trained in ballet and excel in their field. Although there is a saying that those who can, do and those who can’t, teach, our teachers both can do and can teach. We find talented teachers who can share their skills and experience with our students.

Class Size

Ballet takes a lot of discipline and instruction. It is really hard to teach children ballet when there are so many children in a class that there is no time for one-on-one. We purposely keep our class sizes small so that every child gets the individualized attention that they need. If there isn’t anyone walking around and stopping to show children the right way through correction, it will be hard for your child to advance and have proper mechanics.

Targeted Classes from Beginner to Advanced

When you lump all types of skill levels into one class, then you always have to cater to the beginner student. We believe that every level of instruction requires a different teaching style, which is why we separate our students not due to their age, but rather to their skill level. Just because two children are the same age doesn’t mean that they are on the same skill level. We want to make sure that beginners get what they need and advanced dancers get what they need, too.

Encouragement and Culture

Every studio has a different “vibe.” Some are highly competitive, while others are more casual, fun, and light. Our studio is a good mix of both. We believe that dance instruction should be enjoyable, but we also know that it takes a certain level of commitment, seriousness, and dedication to achieve your goals. Our culture is one of inclusivity, patience, and encouragement to bring out the best in all students across the board.

We are all collectively celebrating the fact that although COVID is still around, it is no longer the threat that it used to be, and we can return to life as it once was. With school returning and children able to participate in extracurricular activities again, you might be looking to sign your child up for ballet. Don’t just Google “ballet classes near me.” Tapio School of Dance is rated number one in Mt. Pleasant for a reason. We care about every child who walks through our door and we realize that no two are the same. Contact us today and try us out!