Prepare for Fall – Look for These Four Things in an After-School Dance Program

August 26th, 2022 tapioschool

It is hard to believe that the summer is almost behind us and that kids are already heading back to school. The good news is that for the first time in two years, things are back to a degree of pre-pandemic normalcy, and not only are kids returning without masks, but we are also searching for things to keep them active instead of worrying about social distancing and isolation. But not all dance programs are the same when it comes to after-school programs. Since you want the best for your child, look for these four things that will make their dance education the best for your dance school in Mt. Pleasant, SC!


When it comes to dance school, there really aren’t any requirements to be an instructor. Find a school that has instructors who are professionals themselves and have the credentials to teach professionally, the maturity to be great role models, and the ability to train others. At Tapio School of Dance, we place great importance on the teachers that we hire. Our teachers are not just trained and experienced; they are also empathetic and professional.

Class Size

Kids not only need individualized attention; if classes are too big, they simply won’t be able to get what they need to grow and progress in dance. At Tapio School of Dance, we keep our class sizes small so that every child gets their time to shine. This is also so our instructors can be cognizant so we make sure that everyone is getting the time that they need to excel, and that we are developing each student’s strengths in a personalized and attentive way.


The overall culture of a dance studio matters. You want to have an atmosphere of encouragement, but also have your child challenged. Our instructors expect the best from their students – not perfection, but a certain level of seriousness and accountability. We also have competitive dance, for those who are serious and driven enough to want to go further and fine-tune their skills at a competitive level.


Above all, you want to know that your child is taken care of in all ways. At Tapio School of Dance, we believe in developing the best dancer in each of our students, and that means more than their physical skills. Our mission is to develop their discipline, competitive nature, and desire to excel, and fine-tune their skills while considering things like time management and perseverance. We hope to give them life skills that transcend dance and lead to well-rounded individuals.

As we head into the fall, it is hard to imagine that summer is already over. Now is the time to plan for the year ahead and make sure that your child is involved in the best activities to foster their skills, enhance their overall development, and keep them active. At Tapio School of Dance, we take our role in your child’s future very seriously. Whether they want to take lessons or find their competitive side in gymnastics or dance, we will be there to support and guide them every step of the way. Check out our fall schedule and get your youngster signed up for after-school activities today!