Gymnastics or Dance – Why Not Try Them Both?

February 23rd, 2023 tapioschool

As a parent, you want to keep your kids active, but dragging them kicking and screaming to something they don’t enjoy is not good for anyone! If you want to get your kids ready for the spring and in spring-ready shape, then both gymnastics and dance are great ways to get them moving. But which one is right for your little one – perhaps both? These are some of the advantages of our dance school in Mt. Pleasant can provide.

Physical Activity

After all those months of sitting indoors, now is an excellent time to get back to being involved in life. Easing your child into their routine has probably not been easy. Our dance and gymnastics classes are meant to be enjoyable, and more importantly, healthy. Our rigorous training is not what they remember; what they do remember is their accomplishments and all of the fun that they have with their peers. Their increase in activity level is what you will enjoy, and you won’t have to fight with them over it!

The Return of Socialization

To say that we have a little bit of catch-up to do with the younger generations in terms of social skills is an understatement. All of those months while children were sequestered at home and subjected to masks means that their socialization skills were stunted. The good news is that children are really resilient, and if you get them back into the groove, give them some social interaction, and turn them over to find their way independently, you will see how quickly they will come out of their shells.

Time Management Skills

All of those months stuck inside doing homework when we felt like it and filling the day with whatever we chose did not help our time management skills at all! Joining gymnastics or a dance class will force your children to prioritize what they want to do and what needs to get done! Although not many people are racing back to hectic and over-scheduled lives, there is something to be said about routine, time management skills, and priority setting. When you sign them up for classes, they need to learn to work around their commitments to meet deadlines!

Bolstering Self-Confidence

Even as adults, we got a little out of the swing of things, so most of us are feeling a little socially awkward. The best way to get back out there is to get back out there! Once your child has mastered taking turns, learning new skills, and crushing a new move, it will give them self-confidence that will shine across all that they do. We all need some wins to keep us on track. Gymnastics and dance instruction are the best ways to set benchmarks, meet them, relish the accomplishment, and move right back on to the next challenge.

As we quickly head into the spring of 2023, the warmer weather will soon be beckoning us outside to enjoy the sunshine. Get your kids ramped up and physically ready for spring by signing them up at Tapio School of Dance. Whether your little one enjoys gymnastics and tumbling, or they are more of a dance lover, we have it all and are happy to get everyone onboard, active, and ready for the summer to come! Contact us today to look over our spring and summer activity catalog!