Are You Registered for Christmas Camp Yet?

December 1st, 2022 tapioschool

As we head quickly into the holiday season, it snuck up on many of us. If you haven’t considered what you are going to do with your little ones over the long holiday break, you definitely should. Unless you want to spend the entire time listening to “I’m bored” or watching them have nonstop screen time, being proactive is a must. These are four reasons that you should sign up for our Christmas Break Camp, Mt. Pleasant, SC Christmas camp now!

Work Doesn’t Stop for the Holidays

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just take two weeks off for the holidays to enjoy time with our family and do nothing? Unfortunately, that isn’t a reality for most of us. If you aren’t lucky enough to get the whole time off, then you are going to have to make arrangements for your kiddos. Why be stressed about what to do with them when you can have camp blocked out and ready to go?

Limit Screen Time

Few things are worse than that sinking feeling of knowing your children have their heads buried in an iPad or cell phone. Christmas break is supposed to be a time of fun and activity, not brain fog and sedentariness. Get them active throughout the Christmas break so that they are not only on the move, but they enjoy it to the fullest. They have plenty of time to get online, so make sure that they get off the grid for a bit to really enjoy life!

The Least Expensive Route

Many of us feel like camp is an additional expense that we can’t afford, but in an attempt to save pennies, we spend dollars. If you add up all the “little extras” that come from keeping the kids home, like buying them lunch, finding at least one thing fun to get them out of the house daily, and all the other things that you don’t consider, you will probably realize that camp is much cheaper and easier than winging it for two weeks!

Keeping Their Minds Active

We can’t imagine how hard it is for teachers to have the kids back on the first day after Christmas break. After all that time off without a schedule, it can be a challenge to get them back to business. If you continue to keep them on track with a schedule, the transition back to school won’t be that difficult. Plus, they’ll have great stories to tell about the fun they had at their Christmas activity camp.

As we head into the holiday season, now is the perfect time to make sure you and your little ones have a plan for the long holiday break. We would love to entertain your little ones and give you a break for the holidays. After all, if anyone deserves to have some downtime, it’s you! Make sure to sign up for Christmas camp at Tapio now!