Things to Know Before Bringing Your Toddler to Dance Classes

April 26th, 2022 tapioschool

Sometimes it’s hard to know who is more nervous on the first day of dance or gymnastics classes – you or your toddler. If you believe that it might be time to let them soar on their own, these are the things you need to know when signing your little one up for toddler classes in Mount Pleasant, SC, to make for a smooth entrance!

The Schedule and Time

Most classes will have certain times that they conduct toddler classes. If you know that one of them is close to your toddler’s naptime, don’t try to squeeze it in. Toddlers need quality sleep so that they can pay attention and be in the best mood possible to reap all of the benefits.

Feed with Plenty of Time to Digest

You might not notice when your toddler is getting hungry because you are usually there with a snack for them. If you are going to take them to a class, make sure that they are fed with time enough to digest. However, don’t leave enough time between snacks for them to be hungry. A hangry child is never conducive to learning. Just a small nutritious snack is all that is needed; nothing too heavy, or you will probably have a sleepy kiddo on your hands!

Wear the Right Clothing

You want your little one to look cute, but when it comes to classes, fashion has to take a back seat. Make sure to dress them in a fitted leotard so they don’t have any dangling clothes to trip on. Find something that isn’t so restrictive that they can’t move freely. Yes, clothes do matter when it comes to movement, so please choose their outfit, not the cuteness factor, in mind!

Prepare Them

If this is your first time separating from your little one, then it might be difficult. It’s a good idea to communicate and prepare them for the break, and you might want to have a trial run and recognize that it might take some familiarity for them to feel confident in staying. If they are experiencing a lot of anxiety, sitting around watching might or might not be the best medicine. And if they are having that much anxiety, they might just not be ready. Children mature and socialize at very different levels and times, if you try to force it, it could end up backfiring. It is best to let your child be the guide when it comes to readiness.