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February 24th, 2022 tapioschool

It is hard to believe that the new year is already in full swing, and that spring will be here in a couple of weeks! If you can’t get away to some exotic destination this year, or don’t have any vacation planned at all, being cooped up in the house is not an option. At Tapio School of Dance, we have a variety of spring break activities to keep your little ones entertained, on the move, and away from screen time.

Have a Staycation with Tapio!

Spring break was great as a high school and college student, but now that you’re a parent, it just seems like more work than anything. If you aren’t able to get away or get the week off work, don’t feel guilty! We understand how frustrating it is to try to disconnect kids from screen time without activities planned. Our spring break camp was designed to keep your youngsters active and happy from sunup to sundown. That means you can focus on your job and let us make your child’s happiness our priority!

Spring Break Camp – The Specifics!

Registration begins on February 28, and it is on a first-come first-serve basis. The doors open at 7 am Monday thru Thursday, so the children can come and go around your busy schedule. The cost for admission is just $240 for the full-time camp (Monday to Thursday), or you can pay $70 daily plus the cost of the field trip to join in! We just ask for a $70 non-transferable/non-refundable deposit when you register. Also, we require a minimum of 16 children to hold camp on any given day, so make sure to get friends on board so everyone can have an amazing time!

What We Will Be Doing

The activities for the camp will vary from day to day to keep your little one engaged and excited. The children will enjoy free gym play, games, arts and crafts, and field trips. Our following list of field trips is as follows, but due to weather and other factors, the schedule might be subject to change.

Monday, April 11th – Playground
Tuesday, April 12th – Game Day and Movie
Wednesday, April 13th – Summit Adventure Park
Thursday, April 14th – Chuck E. Cheese

Spring break is supposed to be a fun time for kids to blow off some steam and to take a break from the everyday. Unfortunately, not all adults get the same luxury. Don’t scramble trying to find something to do or let them drive you nuts telling you how “bored” they are. Sign them up at Tapio and you can all enjoy an amazing staycation! Make sure to tell friends and family members, and sign up – when the spaces are gone, they are gone for good! Check out the registration information today!

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