Qualities to Look for in Your Child’s Gymnastics Class

September 25th, 2021 tapioschool

As the world tries to recover from the pandemic and return to normalcy, there is a rising hope that things will soon return to pre-pandemic conditions. What parents are looking forward to most is getting their kids back to activities to help them with both their mental and physical fitness. If you are ready to get your child back up and running, then Googling “children’s gymnastics classes near me” is just the first step. Never choose one without doing some research to look for these qualities!

Safety First

Gymnastics is an amazing sport that takes focus, attention, and a strong mind and body. It also takes courage and willingness to take chances. Find a gymnastics class that will motivate and encourage your child while maintaining their safety. Upgraded equipment and safety protocols are both things that you should be aware of before choosing a gym. It isn’t enough to have a spotter – there are all sorts of industry safety measures that a gym can invest in to ensure their students’ safety, like cushioned mats and other tools.

Instructor Education

Sure, you want someone who is knowledgeable about gymnastics and who has hopefully practiced gymnastics themselves – but knowing how to do something and teaching someone else how to do it are two different things. Before you sign your child up for gymnastic classes, make sure that the instructors have the right credentials and experience to teach your child things like proper form and strength training.

Class Size

Gymnastics takes a lot of practice, which requires allocated time. If you sign up for classes that have too many students, it can limit the actual time that your child has for individual instruction and practice. Small class sizes will also reduce the risk of injury because there is a better instructor-child ratio with more time for learning and gaining feedback. Nothing is a bigger motivation-killer than sitting on the sidelines for an entire class, watching someone else practice and never getting time yourself!

Style and Feel

Every instructor teaches differently, but on the whole, gymnastics classes typically have a certain type of philosophy about how to instruct. If your child responds best to long practice times and a hard push to motivate them, they are going to do better at a competitive gymnastics-focused class. If they are a beginner and have a more passive personality style, pushing them too hard can lead to them getting easily frustrated and possibly quitting. Find a gym that matches your goals and desires, as well as one that can match what your child needs emotionally and physically.

As we head into fall, kids are back at school and there is renewed optimism that they will remain in class this season. Now might be an excellent time to get your child active and set goals for their emotional and physical well-being. Gymnastics could be the perfect activity to help them flourish. Just make sure you choose more carefully than simply Googling “children’s gymnastics near me” and picking the first one to appear. It is important for you to do some investigating to find the right fit. Contact Tapio School of Dance and Gymnastics today to see what we are all about!

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