All In(clusive): A Place Where Everyone is Welcome!

January 12th, 2022 tapioschool

At Tapio School of Dance, we believe that everyone has a natural talent that should be fostered and encouraged, especially when it comes to special-needs populations. We wanted to design a program where all are welcome, regardless of limitations or obstacles. Our “All In” (or Inclusive) program is designed to give all in the community opportunities to shine.

What is All-Inclusive?

Our All-Inclusive program is a goal-oriented class for children ages 3 to 18 with various abilities and strengths. We believe everyone can be ALL IN with gymnastics. The program focuses on improving balance, strength, gross motor skills, and confidence through gymnastics training and instruction. At the Tapio School of Dance, we believe that all populations can benefit from practicing gymnastics and building a mind/body connection.

Our instructors, Mariah and Allison, are strong believers in inclusion and think we should all set a good example for the community by welcoming people with different backgrounds, skill levels, and challenges. We hope that students will join All In Gym to learn the fundamentals of gymnastic skills with the goal being to transition to a recreational gymnastic class with their peers.

About the Instructors

Allison is a licensed Occupational Therapist and Mariah is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Both teachers are truly passionate about what they do and want to help children find confidence, strength, and passion. They always keep the class lively and try to find creative ways to embed their professional training to structure their gymnastics classes with child development in mind. Taking from their individual backgrounds, experience, and training, they have designed a dynamic and innovative class to enhance learning and provide joy in the lives of the children they include.

We are Committed to the Betterment of the Community

Gymnastics is such an amazing sport to teach various types of skills, both physically and emotionally, which is why we want to extend our reach to those in the community that might have challenges finding activities to participate in. We also understand that some children require a little extra help, support, and accommodations, and always strive to make sure that we provide a learning experience that includes everyone.

The only way we learn empathy and understanding is through experience. We hope that Tapio School of Dance’s All In Gym will not only enhance the lives of those who have challenges, but also of all the children who enter the gym doors. Contact Tapio today to sign your youngster up!

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